Ancestral Healing Workshops

Ancestral Healing involves Healing your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them for example patterns that can have a disruptive influence on your life today.

Some of these patterns can create obstacles in our lives, blocking our way to joy, abundance, and all possibilities of following our soul’s true purpose. Since energy is never lost, but simply changes form over time, emotional issues or problems that were not dealt with by your ancestors, or not fully resolved, can ‘hover’ in your energy field thus creating an imbalance.

Ancestral Healing can transform energetic patterns that are not in your highest good, or are preventing you from carrying out your soul’s journey and life’s purpose. If you think you are experiencing patterns in your life and seem to be going around in a circle, then ancestral healing may be for you and it may help to fulfil your soul’s journey and life’s purpose.

To find out more about our next ancestral healing workshop, please contact us.

Next Workshop:  Ancestral Healing day for 2020 by request.
Cost: €125
€50  deposit required, PLEASE NOTE all booking deposits are  non refundable or non transferable. The balance is due upon the day of the workshop.

Places are limited, so please book early. You can reserve your spot by paying a deposit of €50 using PayPal

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