Divine Feminine Wheel

Divine Woman everywhere!! Explore the Divine Feminine Wheel in 2020 with Eight Oaks Holistic, feel alive and energised as you feel the flow of your true soul’s path through the ancient knowledge of the Cosmic Womb

The Divine Feminine wheel is a spiritual & soul “map” of the ancient feminine. This journey of the Divine Woman, is a very ancient path and is also the energetic gateway to the wisdom that each woman holds in the womb. On this weekend course we will  use the shamanic way to journey  through each of the 7 veils leading to the levels of consciousness to reach the very heart of creation, the Great Womb. As we explore the Divine Feminine Medicine Wheel, represented by a Circle & a Cross, also known as the Tree of life, dates back to ancient times across many cultures including Celtic .The stem of the Womb Tree roots us in Mother Earth, and contains the journey through the cycle of the seasons, the 3 moons of the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone, then spirals upwards into the four Elements of creation, Earth Fire Air and Water. At the very centre of the Womb Cross  is the Grail Rose. This is an etheric portal to the cosmic Womb and is filled with pure Love, which of course heals, dissolves and rebirths us all.

As we journey through the Grail Portal  (consciousness level 8 ) also named the “Magdalene” doorway meaning ‘ magic doorway’ this is the womb gateway between the worlds. This feminine knowledge is also held in the Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism and Yogic practices, where the Lotus is symbolic of the Cosmic Womb within.

Join us for a magical re- awakening of the Divine Woman that is in each of us! Explore the energy of creation that is held in our Womb as we emerge from the cocoon into the truest expression of Divine Feminine self.

Wear loose comfortable clothes and please note!  that some of this weekend will be spent outdoors, exploring the connection of Mother Earth to the Divine Feminine in each of us so remember this is Ireland and bring layers to keep warm, boots and warm socks!

Next Workshop: 2020 – please contact Claire for more information.
Cost: €250

€50 deposit required to confirm, all deposits are non- refundable and non-transferable.

The balance is due upon the day of the workshop.

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