Shamanic Drum Making Workshop

Thinking of buying a drum? You’ve been exploring shamanism and spirituality and really want a companion on  your journey with you? Instead of buying a mass manufactured drum, have you considered making (or birthing…) your drum? Birthing your  drum, and being part of a process of creating and bringing into life your very own drum can be a very powerful & fulfilling process that is totally unique to you.

This is a day-long workshop where participants get to make and bring home their very own shamanic drum. The drums are 16 & 14 inches in diameter, we have very special raw hides from reindeer. Our hoops and hides are obtained from Ireland, the British Isles and Europe, and being of this part of the world are in closer harmony with us. Made in the traditional way, and with the energy of very powerful animals, these drums provide rich and deep tones. Drum sticks are also provided with these drums. The reindeer hides were specially selected for use on these drums, as these hides are not affected by the damp and cold weather we have here in Ireland, as compared to some other hides that may be used.

Over the day, not only will we be physically working to put these drums together, each person will be brought through a series of exercises to spiritually connect with the spirit of the trees that the wooden rims come from and the powerful wild animals that have given their hide for this purpose. These drums will be a strong & powerful companion for people who use drums for meditative or spiritual work.

Next Workshop:  April 26th (Sunday)2020, also October 31st (Saturday) 2020
Venue: Eight Oaks Holistic Centre, Old Tramore Road, Waterford
Cost: €250
€50 deposit required to confirm,all deposits are non- refundable and non-transferable.

The balance is due upon the day of the workshop.

Only 7 people can participate in this workshop to allow us to provide individual care and attention, so please book early as places are limited. Book your spot by paying the deposit of €50 below.

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