Celtic Medicine Wheel Weekends

The Shamanic Practitioners course will be a process of healing and learning that will take place over 7 weekends. The dates and details of what we will be focusing on each weekend can be viewed below.


28th & 29th Sept 2019 – Weekend 1 – Preparing for the Journey

On the first of seven weekends that comprise the Celtic Medicine Wheel and a course in shamanism, we learn the fundamentals and basic tools of shamanism that we will continue to use over the remaining weekends of the course.

16th & 17th Nov 2019 – Weekend 2 – Entering the Wheel – The West

On the second weekend of the shamanic practitioner’s course, we begin the process of personal healing, focusing on the ability to shed our past.

11th & 12th Jan 2020 – Weekend 3 – Death and Rebirth – The North

The third weekend focusses on the direction of the North, where we go through the energy of a death-rebirth cycle, an integral part of any in-depth personal healing cycle.  This weekend also brings us in connection with our ancestors.

22nd & 23rd Feb 2020 – Weekend 4 – New Beginnings – The East

The fourth weekend, the weekend of the East focuses on the energy of new beginnings, setting intentions, carrying out healing within and without and more.

18th & 19th Apr 2020 – Weekend 5 – Discovering your Soul – The South

As we come closer to completely traversing the wheel over this weekend, the 5th weekend looks at the energy of the South.  As the Sun begins to come into power, we look to harness the same energy to enable us to start coming into our own power having gone through a process of letting go and healing.

6th & 7th June 2020 – Weekend 6 – Going Within – The Centre

This weekend weaves together all that we have worked through over the past weekends, bringing together the medicine bundle that you have created. We will also finish giving the Munay-Ki rites this weekend.

11th & 12th July 2020 – Weekend 7 – Vision Quest

On the final weekend of the course, participants will spend time completely immersed in Mother Nature, with the aim to quest to understand what lies ahead for them.

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