Honouring Our Ancestors ” Spirit Speaks”

We are extremely honoured and delighted that the Grandmothers are back in Ireland and visiting Waterford on this trip. A truly gifted grandmother/ healer from the Cree/Salteaux Nation Rosie Trinity Vision Seeker will be joining Eight Oaks Holistic on the Sunday 28th October with One to One Healing with the Grandmothers on Monday 29th October. Early Booking is advised as places are limited for workshops & one to one healings.

White Elk (Trinty Vision Seeker)
Unity Star







Come and sit in a sacred space to smudge, set prayer ‘intentions’ for a profound healing with grandmothers – White Elk – now *Trinity Vision Seeker* and *Unity Star*

We come to share ancient wisdom and healing with you as we are all one through the Creator… We come to share ancient wisdom and healing with you as we are all one through the Creator…To honour the spirit of our energy, to share, heal and open our hearts to the profound love of the Creator…through drumming and songs. We all come back to learn through these earth lessons to be the best we can be…To bring balance back to all we do with each other in the best possible way and through the deepest respect…

May you be blessed to be the catalyst for change, success and strength through all these changing times…with your lineage. All my Relations,Rosie White Elk Medicine Woman

Honouring Your Ancestors “ Spirit Speaks”

They come to sit with you and your relatives to share the ancient knowledge from the ones that walked before you through time. Connecting to the ‘core’ of who you are is very empowering, not just for self but another. Standing in your Sacred Power takes practice. Each person carries a unique energy vibration and colour, to how your relatives see, sense and hear you through the physical world. This is how they assist you and your families on earth, through your personal ‘intention’.  A ‘wish’ a tear- a word spoken – a ‘cry for help’.Come & share your wonderful ‘ Energy ‘ with us through your  ‘ Personal Growth’  Song, Prayer and ‘ Spiritual Tools.

Day : Sunday 28th October
Venue: Ballinamona Natural Health Centre, Old Tramore Road Waterford https://goo.gl/TzR5WL
Time: 9:30 am – 5 pm
Cost: €135. Non-refundable booking fee of €35 required to book place.

Book your space now by paying the deposit below.

For more info please contact Claire@Eightoaks.ie

Light Veg Lunch is included  with plenty of Tea/Coffee & snacks also!

*** Give Away after each Workshop to Honour each other on our Sacred Journeys***

You are welcome to bring your own stick and any crystals that are special to you.

Blessings for a better world.

Claire & Vispi
Eight Oaks Holistic

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