Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient tradition, almost a way of life, that can be found amongst various cultures and people all across the world. Although the word ‘Shaman’ is supposed to be Siberian in origin and various Shamanic traditions have slightly different tools and techniques that are particular to their part of the world, there are many commonalities that can be found across these traditions in their understanding of how the universe works and the respect for the earth and for the environment we live in.

Shamanic healings are energy healings where the practitioner works with the energetic being of the person. The healings may also sometimes involve a Shamanic Journeys where the person and the practitioner may go into a altered state of conciousness for a certain purpose, be it to find their power animals, resolve issues from the past, meet their guardians, teachers, ancestors and so on.

One of the aims of the healings and the journeys we do are not only to help people, but also to empower them to continue on their healing journey themselves.

Claire Power and Vispi Shroff are advanced Shamanic Practitioners. We do one-to-one healings and also offer courses on shamanism.

The healing sessions take place in Waterford City, and occasionally in other locations where healing rooms are available. The healing sessions are generally an hour long, but may extend further. Before arranging the session or as part of an extended session, we would discuss what healing is desired and why is it desired. Once we get an understanding of this, it would allow us to set the space and the intention for the healing session, allowing the session to be at it’s most effective.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss more about a healing, please call Claire on 087 6561018 or Vispi on 0876901491. Alternatively, you can email us, and we will call you back to discuss any questions you may have or to set up an appointment.

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